Magnonics – the study of spin waves – has recently seen a burst of activity, fuelled by the prospect of magnetic field-controlled metamaterials and devices, capable of data processing with propagating spin waves (magnons) as information carriers.

The International Advanced School on Magnonics 2016 builds upon the success of a similar event, held in St Margherita Ligure in 2012, and will feature an overview of and introduction into cutting-edge research in this exciting research field. Sessions will be delivered by world-leading experts in magnonics, both from and beyond the Horizon 2020 MagIc project (funded by the European Union) and the “Coherent spin waves for emerging nanoscale magnonic logic architectures” project (funded by the EPSRC of the United Kingdom). This School is aimed at both early stage researchers already working in magnonics and experienced researchers that would like to develop their research activities.